Block! Hexa Puzzle™ App revisa

Good puzzle game

I find it relaxing to play. My personal favorite is Rotate, it’s a little more challenging.

Awesome Game

I love this game! It is really fun and keeps you busy. I think it is a 5 star game because it was well made and really entertaining.


This game is SO Addictive!! Definitely would recommend!!

Love this game

Really challenging.

Hexa Puzzle

Addicting, challenging, and a whole lot of fun.

Hey I’m sorry you didn’t call you last time

Hey I’m going home


Love the game. Hate the commercials.

Really good game!

I like this game! It is very useful when I need to pass the time. Yes, there are ads, but other than that it is ok.


Crazy game


Fun to play


Great game. Can’t stop. Enjoy figuring out the next group. My 5 yr old is learning geometry. Recommend to everyone

Block Hexa



I love these puzzles! The first time I opened the app I couldn’t put my phone down! I really love the refreshing sense of relaxation that I get while doing the puzzles because the app’s not hooked up to all my contacts and other players like (what seems like) EVERY SINGLE other app. It would be perfect if it had no adds and no interruptions for other game promos. Other than that, it’s a great FREE app!


Awesome game!



Best game ever

This is amazing it is my favorite game for real

Lose the ads and it’ll be perfect!

Read above.


Great app really fun


Jejejeje ja

Love it!!! But the adds

I am I love with this game it is so fun and addicting and I could play it for hours on end, but their are so many adds, there is an add when I finish every level and it keeps me from playing the game I love it but I think you should do something about all the adds

Love it

Love this game

Great fun!

The kind of game you can play while listening to a podcast!

Still playing after nearly a year

Very playable with the right mix of challenge and relaxation. Only issue are ads with links to websites. Very dangerous for the security of my phone.


I like it I especially like the part where the magic dragon comes out and says rawr spoons are my favorite vegetable now let’s go to Wells Fargo and get brunch!


I love this game it's the best so challenging and fun

So addictive!!

Yet another addictive game, block! hexa puzzle is just as addicting & fun as block! triangle puzzle, definitely going to be playing both for awhile!

Mindless fun

Helps me relax my mind

Block Hexa puzzle

It’s quite entertaining But too many adds!!!!!

Great game but too many advertisements

Seriously the interruptions are far too many and waiting 29 seconds per ad is abusive even for a free game.

Fun game

Very addictive game and extremely challenging

Block! Hexa Puzzles

Love these puzzles! Wish there were more puzzles!


Ads are a main distraction


I like it because it is really fun to play

Good game

I absolutely love this game. It’s challenging and fun!

Fun and relaxing

Good game

I love it

I love it cause I love puzzles and even my children love it

Awesome app

I love this game it’s so much easier to play when I am it thanks...😎😛

Works my brain!

Some levels are very easy, and others simply “tax my brain”! That’s what I need and like about the game.

Good but....,,

Too many interruptions!


Lots of fun!

Solid Fun

Very pleased with this game. My 5 year old son and I both enjoy it very much!! Definitely stimulating and a fun way to spend extra time.

Tests spatial awareness

Easy and fun as you exercise your sense of spaces


Excellent brain activity. It would be an added bonus to see how fast you solve the higher levels.

Totally fun

Play all of the time.


I’m impressed.This is a good brain game.🧠

Review for Block Hexa;

This’ a pretty good game for working the brain!👍🏻

Block Hexa

Awesome ❤️ fun game but needs more levels.

Love this game very addictive



It’s entertaining. Thanks


Great. Can’t put it down!!

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