Block! Hexa Puzzle™ App revisa

It rocks!

Quite puzzling, quite challenging, all fun!


Hints should be free

Zestyshia review

I love playing this game😀!!! it's so fun and so far I've had no problem with the game or the app so be sure to download it it's so fun thank you for making this app have a nice day!!! Www.hexa/puzzle/game


Thought provoking!

Do not play at work

This game is so fun and it is a challenge also do not play this game at work

Why I love block Hexa puzzle

I love the game because it is a good brain workout 💪🏼also is very relaxing


Level 42 love this game

Love it

Mom hates it but I love it

So Much Fun

My autistic daughter and I love this game

Love It!

I truly enjoy playing this app. Gives me a good challenge and yet can be done while watching TV. Only thought for improvement would be the ability to do this in Landscape mode so I can use my iPad stand, but other than that, Love this app!

Pretty fun

It gets to addictive and it is too easy


It’s great but sometimes the adds get annoying

Addictive fun

Play at your own risk

Best game ever

Love it

A fun game

Simple in concept but progressively more challenging.

Very happy

Lots of fun for kids

block! Hexa

I love it -Char

My Review

Yes love this app! It’s so much fun and it’s good for kids all ages. The puzzles get harder but they are still fun. I give this app a five because it’s awesome! It’s not confusing at all. It’s convenient for when your in the car on a road trip. It’s a good game to play to just relax. You can listen to music and play it which I love. Also it’s an offline game. I love this app five stars all the way!

Hexa Puzzle

I love this game! Before I retired, my job was to analyze, gather required documents and collect fees! I needed something to keep my brain sharp and that is what this game does! It makes a person use their minds by concentrating, analyzing and getting it right! Thank you for this game! PS: it makes the time go by fast...


Well de game is really good I just hope that the next level be more difficult

Blocks Hexa

It’s the best game

5 Star

Stars: 5


Good game WAY TOO MANY ADDS!!!



I love ❤️ this game.🎓🎓🎓🎓🎓you can make a difference in your own life.


great game!!

this is an amazing game!!! i play it every second of the day!!


A great way to pass the time!

Too addicting to stop!

It’s a very addicting game that hooked me from the very minute a got it!

Please Read

You guys need to stop playing this ad I constantly get it and it’s not going want me to get it it’s making me want to throw away this game. Thank you

Why you should download it

It’s really fun and easy, And there are different modes so you can challenge yourself and it’s good in a way to help your mind with problem solving. In a way you could say it’s educational but you know in game version.

I love it!

Super fun and challenging at times! Just started and I’m already addicted!

Fun and easy

I beat the novice level in ten minutes this game is fun and easy


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It was great

Could use the following but overall it's okay

I went to go do a puzzle and an ad pops up, sometimes even when I first open the app it takes me to and ad. The only thing wrong is the ads popping up every ten seconds. My mom told me about this game and I would see her playing it and I recently downloaded it I like it but there is way too many ads 😫. That's something I wish that would die down I want to be able to just play the game and not worry about ads popping up every 10 seconds. sincerely myself


Great way to decompress after work.

I love this game

I love this game because it is so fun and passes time on car trips

Can’t stopping playing

Very addictive, helps pass the time and it makes you think.

Game status

I love this game because you can use your I’m inarguably skills to progress to the top level. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Hexa blocks

I really like this game because it keeps me occupied when I’m bored and it’s just a game that didn’t bore me like I could sit all day and play this game if I could so I just really love this game

Great game!

Great rockstar app! 🔥

Creative Thinking game

This really tests your skills, I like it

Lots of fun

Love this game


I love it I recommend this app when your stressed just play this and it relives your stress totally get this app!

Great game

A fun challenge


Love it! Keeps my busy when I'm bored.


Love playing this game!!!!

Block Hexa

It really good and I think it works out you brain to think more and to move the blocked in your mind to help you out

Amazing fun.

And a little challenging.


Love it.

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