Block! Hexa Puzzle™ App Reviews

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The game itself is great. The adds are ridiculous and there is one in particular that I object too. If my grandchildren saw that as they played I would be furious. You really need to do some editing and consider what is age appropriate. Some people still have morals.

It is ok

I really like it but it is super glitchy at times but I like the puzzles

Great game

I’m on level 43 it’s so good and fun!

It’s an amazing game

One of the best game I have on my phone 👍🏽




Great game! It’s challenging and fun. 👍

Block Hexa

Fun and challenging game. Can keep you busy for hours solving these puzzles. Helps too keep your brain sharp!!!!!

Hexa puzzle

Very playable for a wide age range!


Super fun and entertaining! Great app for little children and adults as well!

Good game!

I really liked it, the animations were great and I found it amazing, I see room for improvement and a future for the makers. I can’t say I have anything but love for this app. I do have a suggestion though: Make a sandbox mode for players to make their own levels to share with their friends! I for one would love this feature, and I feel it would help the game grow!


Easy and entertaining!


Plain and simple its a really good game!! And i am not a robot ether


Excellent time killer!

Block hexa

The game is the best ever in the whole wide world play it see how you like it the best

I love it, but the ads are so annoying.

I really enjoy this game. But having to click away ads every few minutes, takes away the fun. Plus with the ad bar at the bottom makes it easier to accidentally tap on an ad and then I’m being thrown over to safari or the App Store. Very frustrating. Can’t you offer an ad free option? The game is a lot of fun and I would pay for no ads!


It is very addictive but not like someone won't get off. But it is so fun I don't know what to do with myself. This game is amazing


Mak apin Apple one

He a puzzle

It’s fun and challenging.

Great brain game

I just downloaded it and fell in love with it!

Nice one to kill time

Awesome game to kill time

Hate It

Always interrupts me when I am playing a game and makes me mess up and have to start all over again I really recommend that you don’t get this app!🤬

Love this game!

Very challenging, keeps you engaged and very fun.


A fun game for all ages.


Fun puzzle game

It’s such a good game

Helps me relax while having fun

This game is fun

It is fun bc it is fun


Love this game easy and not to many pop ups or adds make it so much more fun!


An amazing game that you'll enjoy playing! ~Busy2Bee


Interesting game. Doesn’t need brilliance but is quite good.

Can't stop playing

This game so fun I can't stop playing it I spent almost two days playing this game

5 Stars

SO ADDICTIVE!!! I love it


I loved the idea, people love puzzles and using their minds. The adds are a little annoying but if you don’t look at the bottom of the screen, you’ll barely even notice them.

Time killer

Very challenging

Past time

This is a wonderful game, I enjoyed it in my free time.


Good way to pass time.

5 star puzzle game

I am having a Ton of fun playing this game right now!

Visual Perception

Good game to engrave visual perception


Got a new phone and had to start all over again. Grrrrr



Great Game!

This game had me from the first level. I find myself binge-playing every day. Probably one of the best puzzle games I’ve ever downloaded.


Addicting & Extremely Fun! Worth the download!

Grandma W

It’s a blast. Keeps me occupied and busy while I’m waiting in doctors office Gets kind of tricky as you get into it! I was turned onto this by my granddaughter.

Love this app😀😀

This is a good app you get different levels that are really fun

Fun and engaging game

Love it!


Low difficulty and no challenge.


Game is addictive!! Love it

Totally addicting 👍🏼✌🏼

❤️ it !!



U should get it

Its a fun way of filling your mind and day not too many adds and its a great game for adults and kids

Good game

It’s Fun

it helps me relax.

it’s a good game to loose track of time.

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