Block! Hexa Puzzle App Reviews

1 add

The game itself is great. The adds are ridiculous and there is one in particular that I object too. If my grandchildren saw that as they played I would be furious. You really need to do some editing and consider what is age appropriate. Some people still have morals.

Addicting and It never gets old

This game I have been playing for a long time. Very addicting and a good time waster. Like most time wasters get boring. I haven’t found it boring yet. Very good game. I have been playing for 3-4 months now if you were interested.

Lots of fun

I'm really glad I found this game.

Too many long ads!!

Game is fun but as you get deeper in the levels it is really not worth long loud ads!

This is so amazing!

What an amazing app with shape puzzles!

Fun for starters

I'm enjoying this game ... but the ads are beginning to intrude a bit. Hope it will get a little more challenging and not swamp me with ads ... Three days later ... game has gotten more challenging which is good. But now the ADs have taken over. A tedious clip for women's wardrobe and a horrendous jigsaw puzzle which sometimes takes over and makes it necessary to click off the game to start again. The ADs are ruining an otherwise great game. Be fair!

Please, MORE ADS!

I was wondering if you guys could add more ads to this game. When I closed the app tonight, I didn’t feel like my senses had been raped enough! I mean, I barely spent more time playing this game than watching ads. I can’t keep this up! Please put in more ads so I can take longer breaks so my thumbs don’t get sore!


The game is fun, but the advertisements are ridiculous. I’ve deleted it because of this.

Block Hexa Addiction

Is there a group for this addiction, because I have my entire family addicted to it. Makes you work your mind. I'm in love.

Keeping n active mind.

I am really enjoying this app.


There is WAY to manny adds. But the app is great.sometimes it is really hard or frustrating. And I'm not even interested in any of the adds.🙄👎 P.S. the puzzles are absolutely awesome. I love the smallest puzzles. 🙀🙀🙀😻

Fun game

Good game to have while you're killing time. Helps with spatial reasoning.

Good game, Annoying ads

Wow this game is fun, but UGH THE ADS!! There are so many ads!! The hints are always great, but what if I never get any or have any???? The ads come before, in the middle of, and after the game. I can barely finish a game before I see that "Home Gardens" game... what if I don't want to play it??? I really love the game, but it has so many ads


I started playing this game and now every time I go on my phone 📱 I tap on this game!!!!😍😍😍😊😊but there are way to many adds I'm playing but then an nother add comes on and it is soooo annoying!!!😖😡😩😤

Super fun game but too many ads

Amazing game if you weren't bombarded with ads every level


How do you put this game down? Only thing I don't like are the many adds.


Love the challenge of spatial recognition! Fun and enjoyable!!

Best Game Ever

Super addictive & just all around great game


Just started plying but it gets you addicted to it right away. Cool game for the Grandkids.

Music annoying

Love everything but the music!

It's ok

Would be cool if it was timed against other people or something to make it a little more challenging.or perhaps pointed where every time you have to re move a piece you lose half the point of placing it. You know something you can complete with yourself. I'm still waiting for it to get challenging.

Good game, too many ads

Game is great, dealing with 2 ads after each level is annoying and has me on the verge of deleting it.


Good game for clearing the mind.

Great Game

Games that challenge the mind I find enjoyable. The advertisements are annoying. I'd pay for this game if I could get it without ads.

Great game

I really like it. Glad I saw it.

Block hexa

Very enjoyable

Like the game hate the ads!

Fun game when the ads are not popping up!

Love it!😜

I love this game! It’s so fun and when ur bored it takes ur time and fills it with a lot of fun!

No worries


Brain help.

I think u have come up with a great way for young and old alike can Learn shapes and places they can occupie. Ian 75 and keep surprising myself at how well I do at times and how poorly I do at other times. Thanks for the brain work and enjoyment. SGilmore.


Relaxing but it makes me think. I like that

LOVE IT!!!😍😋🤗

I personally love this game and find it very addicting😍😍😍


Fun game and it keeps me thinking

WARNING! Way too many ADS!

I played through a couple of rounds and liked the game but the ads are so invasive it totally destroys the game and makes it a pretty terrible experience. I uninstalled after 15 min.

To many adds that won’t close after you watch them! It’s to

Bad because it’s a fairly good game.

Great game

This game is great. It's relaxing and addictive. There's only one problem. The game freezes up when it switches to the next level. If this can be fixed I will not have a problem giving five stars.


Great game just to many adds!!!! And it keeps freezing up after adds then I have to uninstall the game and start all over!!! Otherwise I love it

Good game but no support

I have been playing this game for awhile and loved it. Played it all the time and rather enjoyed how relaxing it was to play. I got a new phone and tried to sync my progress. I realized nothing has changed with my progress on getting my 1300+ hints back, I have the levels but not my hints. I've tried getting answers on to how to get them all back but to no avail, nothing! So right now I'm stuck at 71 hints since my new phone back in July. Needless to say since I got no help I don't play the game anymore. Thanks for nothing.


I can’t stand the adds. I see one every 90 seconds and it’s gonna cause me to strangle someone. FIX IT!

This game is entertaining

Normally, I'd have to search far and wide through the App Store for a game that will actually entertain me. This game's ad came up in Subway Surfers, and after I played the demo, I decided I wanted this game! The only thing I wish would go away are the ads.SO MANY ADS!

Great game too many ads

The game itself is loads of fun and entertaining. However, you are interrupted about every three puzzles by intrusive and persistent ads for everything under the sun. If it wasn't for the ads, it would be five stars for sure.

Add more levels!

Please add more levels! Love this game!

Very fun

It is super fun the levels are challenging and are sometimes surprising

Hexa Game

Great fun!

Too many ads

You play like 2 rounds and then ad 😒😒 please not so many ads please

Love Solving These Puzzles

I really enjoy this puzzle game, however, there seem to be many more ads than a lot of my other games. I still like though.


App started showing a video. When I x'ed out, the screen went black. Can't get in. TxGr8Grannie


This app is so addicting but every one minute there is always a commercial!Every time I get finished with two levels it goes to a commercial and sometimes I get angry because I wanna play this game but there is to much commercials.

Too many ads

This game is really cool! But ads every time you finish just one puzzle?! Cmon!! Give us a break!! And when you finish an ad, I’ve had the screen freeze and when you hit the “x” to get rid of the ad, nothing happens.

Really relaxing

Gets your mind going and it focuses u

Nice but

It's nice but It's a little simple, though to be fair I am in the lower levels so maybe it gets better. I'm only really writing this so the game stops asking me if I want to write a review yet.

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