Block! Hexa Puzzle App Reviews

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The game itself is great. The adds are ridiculous and there is one in particular that I object too. If my grandchildren saw that as they played I would be furious. You really need to do some editing and consider what is age appropriate. Some people still have morals.

Super game

I like it so mush 😍❤

Fun and challenging

So glad I downloaded this game.

Absolutely love this game!

It's a great way to get your brain functioning by having to work through the puzzles.

Was great

Are you kidding me with the ads? It takes me 20 seconds too do a puzzle and then I have to watch a 30 second ad. Ridiculous. If it was after every 10 puzzles I'd understand. But after every puzzle? Just horrendous. Remove the ads or lessen them. Until then, bye bye.

Such a great app!!

I love this game! This game is a great way to spend time with yourself when you are bored! My friend and I like to challenge ourselves to see who can get farther in the game! Overall this game is amazing! BUT I HATE THE FREAKING ADDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love it!!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I finished all completely levels. I wish there are more levels, i had a almost 793 hints! It’s so easy game I’ve played in 7 or 8 months during my free time without disturbing my time lol. I understand that other complaints about Advertising but i wasnt complains. I dont care the ADV because this game is BEST! If you dont like ADV then delete it. Simple.. lol because almost all the game apps have Advertisements! Duh 🙄 I dont know what next for me for new puzzle...oh maybe i can start over back to One to Hundred Levels! 🤣🤣


i can't get anything done

How to Fix Too Many Ads

Just turn on airplane mode or turn off your wifi and then you can still play the game (which is awesome) and then there will be no ads ;)


Beautiful colors & addictive play!

Any updates??

While I love this game, are there any updates planned. All levels are finished and all I can play are the daily challenges which gets a bit monotonous over time. The levels are challenging and this game helps to develop spatial reasoning and logic skills

Crashing on an ad

The game itself is great. Lots of ads. But I finished level 60 and 61 and the game crashed on the ad. A black screen with a timer that shows 28 in a small circle. The timer goes away, but the screen stays black and there's no way to fix but to go to the home screen, shut the iPad down, restart the iPad and open up the game again. If it does it again on level 62 I'm deleting it. I wouldn't spend money to purchase this if they can't fix this glitch.


Good to play when you're feelin sad

Block! Hexa

😍😍😍super fun

Ad Colony

Ad colony took over your app and I cannot get past a level without ad issues.


Love the game and that you have a chance to get hints without having to pay.

Great but drains a lot of battery

I love this game, but the constant ads and battery drain are rather annoying.


hi so i think this game is so much fun. i was addicted till i finished all 3,300 levels. they should make a second app or add more levels! but i love the game.

I love it ❤️

I love this game so much it is addicting. If you don't have this game you should get it ❤️

My Rating

This game is the best there is a challenge and it is sooo fun

Hexxingly fun

Great brain trainer in the disguiae of hex puzzles. Really well done.

Good, but TONS of ads.

Good, but TONS of ads. It's a good game if you are watching tv, since it gives you something to do while the ads are on.


Fun game, good way to pass the time while in line for whatever

Never download again

This app is fun, however, excessive amounts of ads makes me never want to download again

Entertaining and fun

Love this game so much


Yes it has adds however, that's the nature of the beast. Nothing in today's world is free. The adds aren't that bad. You can opt out pretty quickly. And the add for this game worked. :) This game works the brain and its fun. So give it a try.

Puzzles are so much fun 😁

I love the game because puzzles help your brain (I think) and I like a challenge in games. That is why I love the game 😁😁😁. (Puzzles are awesome 🍪)

Love it

I love it because it saves your battery when you go into settings so if my battery starts to die I can still play and not loose any battery!🎉🎊😍


After 5 minutes I was hooked!!! Love this game!!!

Love it 😍

It's so fun ❤️😍

Great fun but too many ads!

This is a fun game that is also challenging. I can’t stop playing it. The only BIG drawback are the ads that seem to pop up every other game. Each ad is about 25-30 seconds which is way too long and too frequent. I would rate the game 5 stars if it wasn’t for the annoying ads.

Fun Game

Challenging w/o too much stress

Good graphics BUT...too many adds!!!!!

I absolutely love love the graphics of this game but time to time an add will pop up on my screen and mess up the whole level for HATE THIS GAME SO SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH THAT I AM DELETING THIS GAME RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!

Love this Game!


Love, uuuummmm 😑

Ok, well it glitches. But... um... ok so I used a hint and I didn’t believe the hint and the hint was frickin wrong

Spatial fun

Good brain game.

Really Fun

A great way to take a break.


They have to many adds .. can't play the game you are always watching their adds.

Game is good, ads are bad.

The game is ok, the only problem is the ads. I can't stand the ads I get the same ad every time!


The best game ever!

Wonderful break

I play mostly rpgs but this game is a nice relaxing break from those games that i love its relaxing and lots of fun

Fun game To play

Fun and entertaining

Good waste of time or distraction

Easy game to play. There are some puzzles that are brain scratchers, but for the most easy and a good waste of time. The game graphics remind me of arcade games from the 80's. Nice vintage style. There are a lot of ads but that's to be expected with anything free.

Fun but not challenging enough

Keeps me busy but you have to do A LOT of boards before it really gets challenging. Generally fun though.

Lots of fun

Puzzles are easy at first, but they get harder as you get to advance levels.


Love this game!

Love it!

This game is so fun!

Great game

I love this game but plz no more final fantasy ad.


This is one of the most addictive games I own (besides MCPE and roblox) very addictive and challenging. A fun little time waster

Absolutely love it!

Game is very addictive! Allows me to stay focused on the task at-hand. I love mental health games that keep the brain at peace while staying agile.

Love it!

Great game! Perfect for challenging an aging brain.

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