Block! Hexa Puzzle™ App Reviews

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The game itself is great. The adds are ridiculous and there is one in particular that I object too. If my grandchildren saw that as they played I would be furious. You really need to do some editing and consider what is age appropriate. Some people still have morals.



It’s a mind teaser and it’s really fun 😁

To many adds but awesome 👏

Hexa puzzle.

I love it. Very addicting I’m playing it all night. And I’M GOOD,

All ages

My kids and I love this game


Super great Braine tease!

Good game

It has the mine thinking. It’s a good way to exercise the brain

Love it!

This game is so addicting!!!

This is exactly what I love in a game

This is exactly what I love in a game

Block! Hexa

Really fun game!


It’s easy. That’s great

Keeps the Mind Active

I love solving puzzles and this one is great!

Like school

Fun helps using your bran and math


I absolutely love this game!!

Good and bad

I love the game, but I hate all the ads!

Keeps me off the streets

Fun and challenging.... great way to spend a boring moment.

Very impressed

It’s very fun and good to do if your on a long road trip:)

Great Game, Love it!

This game has to be taken off my phone. I play it way to much and just can’t stop. Please please make it less addicting in the next update

Fun addiction

Inspire the brain to think

Best game ever

This is the best game ever

Great game

Needs more improvement

Block Hexa

Addictive. Fun. Time consuming. Thoughtful. Intriguing.

Great game!

To make the time go by faster anywhere you may be. This game is great to play.

Love it!

Always keeps me entertained! Addictive!

Not fun anymore

I am deleting the app due to the ridiculous amount of ads.

Great game! Wishing for more levels!

Perfect game to make you think without becoming frustrating. Great way to kill time. I’ve beaten all the levels and I’m just praying they keep updating with more!


Love this game



Long commercials

I like your game but it would be better if you shortened adds to 1/2 the running time.

Block! Hexagon!

I’ve enjoyed our Block! Hexagon for using our apps and wanted to play with Friends and Families so we had to see our places around the world in the US and Canada. They has levels in it so far with hexagon. The Block! Hexagon was a good game and Rate us a review. Thanks for playing!!! Good luck with that!!!


It’s a perfect game when you are boring in a doctor office or home without noting to do!

I love Block! Hexa!!

My particular version is by Bitmango! Block! Hexa, Love IT!

The game

It is easy and addictive I cannot stop playing

Hexa Puzzle

Good exercise for your brain and fun to play. Addictive!

The Best

When you are bored this will put something on your mind.

Hexa blocks

I love this game 100 percent😋😍😘🤩🤩🤩


Great game!


This game is educational but that’s not why I like it. I like it because there are many cool but challenging levels and puzzles to solve and some times you really need to use your head because they some times add an extra 2 peacer and it confuses me some times but I just keep using my head. Anyway this was the legit best game ever! And I’m like ADDICTED to it and it really is just awesome and amazing

Great game

Great brain exercise.

Love the game; hate the ad every few turns

Love the game; but, hate have to wait in a 30 second ad ever few plays.

love it


It wasn’t that good😑

i honestly just don't like it and think it's a big waste of time🤷🏼‍♀️

Love this app

Love it

So far... GREAT

I don't do reviews but this game is great!! It's hard enough to be challenging but easy enough for me to not use hints. And it gives lots of hints so even if you have to use one you still have lots left over for a harder level. I'm only at level 40 but it's great so far 😊

Great pastime

This game is very addictive. You'll never be board again

Really love this game!!

I really love playing this game!! It’s challenging, but fun!


It is fine

Love it!

This was a blocky game.

Block Game Lover

Love this brain game!

Great is fun

love it makes you work your brain

Bridge d

This game is so addictive!!! Can’t stop playing

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